There is a quote that says something along the lines of “Some things are just meant to be written and not spoken.” I deeply feel I am quite literally that quote. Talking has never been my strong suite for anything. Whether it’s introducing myself, a presentation, explaining a point, or elaborating my thoughts never came out well. Even when I was struggling with my emotions or a particular situation, I could not sit down and have a chat with  my mom. To this day I still cannot. What we would do is I write her a letter and she writes me one back. This has been the strategy between us for as long as I can remember! This is when I realized I was a writer, or maybe I was just a disabled person who could not speak haha.

So whenever I feel passionately about something it’s as if I go into this deep trance. My thoughts are a slideshow going a 100 slides per second! Sometimes it takes me days to get my thoughts together and the only way I can make somewhat sense of them is to write them down. My voice will not even comprehend the words that are racing through my mind. So you can imagine what it was like when I first told a boy I love you, when I wanted to stand up for something or someone, or even give my best friend advice.

Sometimes I beat myself down for how I am. Why can’t I just express my words out and explain a point thoroughly without forgetting what to say because my mind is already 5000 words past that one word. There’s days where I’m at home and I’ll practice having conversations with myself! Yes, this happens more than it should really… My conversations sometimes happen to be with Josh Hutcherson or even the president! Jealous? Though there’s still days where I get frustrated that I cannot free my mind with words from my lips. This is the point where I fully realize that writing is what I do. What I do to release my emotions, to emotionally connect with people, my therapy even.

This I suppose explains my love for music. Music is such an amazing way of getting your emotions out. Whether it is through your voice, the notes, or the lyrics it can be such a lifesaver. Most of my life, music is what I turned to for fun, sadness, company, or even love. When I come across a good song it’s as if the lyrics have been made for me or have been picked from my mind. It feels as if it’s a piece of your heart that is understood. At the end of every blog post I will have listed songs for you to listen to!

So a few weeks ago I decided enough is enough! Start your own blog! There may not be many readers but is that really the point of this? To get readers? No, this blog is to release my insane thoughts. But why not just do a diary? Well, I also have a passion for helping other people. I absolutely love sitting down with someone and they ask for advice. And I think some of you may relate more than I realize to some of these thoughts in my mind. So I hope so much that you will accept the words I write here and maybe they can even be some friendly advice!

My dream is to be a writer and have my own article that will reach many teen girls like myself. I cannot wait to get this thing on the road, so that is the end of my first kind of blog post! Please share with those who you think could join our little support group 😉 Like I previously said before, I will be adding songs for each blog post, including this one! The songs I have added are really good feel songs that make me feel good, so enjoy them and let me know what your feel good songs are in the comments!

  • Banana Pancakes -Jack Johnson
  • Hands to Myself -Selena Gomez
  • Hold on Forever – Rob Thomas
  • Love Myself -Hailee Steinfeld
  • Paradise -Coldplay


xo Yasmeen Noelle


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