January 29th, 2016


This past week there’s been a strange reoccurring theme, History. First I had to do a photography assignment that involved taking pictures of objects that recreated my history. Then I was asked to make a documentary video about a friend’s past life. And then the One Direction history music video was released. Which as a former directioner, tore my heart into pieces. Once a directioner always a directioner am I right? And so in honor of all this history I will be doing a blog post about it.

The word history is one of those fun words with multiple connotative meanings. To someone it could simply mean the history of your country, to another the ‘home sweet home’ thoughts appear, and to another it could be a dark and saddening past. To me, the word history means life. How my life has evolved and changed. I’ve grown up with quite a diversity. It was never one place or family because I move a bunch. Although I’ve lived most of my life in Florida, born and raised, I’ve also lived in Ohio for 3 days and Kentucky for a month! At this time, our family had 6 members and so my dad was switching and finding new jobs all the time. My mom’s side of the family is Arabic and my dad’s side is what I like to call mut, no main bloodline… There’s German, Welsh, English, Irish, native American, Dutch and a few others I believe!

Growing up in the South, there were Quarter horses with many ribbons and trophies, the black hole where we went mudding, fishing at the port with seagulls and crabs, and the best cookouts you could ever imagine. We were total beach bums and boaters as well. Cookouts and birthdays on the island was even more fun than cookouts by the bonfire of stacked cardboard boxes and recyclables. Though now is so much different with instead of horses and mudding we have baseball and Disney Springs. Cookouts faded away and now we have going to the movies. I will always remember and hold close the small things like American Idol and the candy drawer. And then there’s the people. The people whom changed my life from inside out.

I was curious to know what history meant to some of those people, and here is what they said:

History. I don’t know. Personally I guess I think about all of the child photographs and memories that have led me to where I am today. I mean I think about when I was little how we used to sit on top of phone books to be tall enough for the grown-up table. I think about all the people that have come and gone and how I remember their faces and the times we had, but the feeling I felt at the time is now a blur and that afterwards you may recall it but you can never truly grasp it. How once a moment passes you it’s gone forever. It’s history. And if you’re a white male who f*cks up the world they’ll write you down in textbooks, but for the everyone else you’ll eventually be history but you’ll never be in it. -Dani T.

I think of either civil war and the plague or like your history with a person. Past experiences and emotions. Like an ex or a friend. -Shelby C.

I think about improvement and progress. History makes me think about what people did in the past and what we can do in the future to improve upon the past. History is kind of like our opportunity to reflect on what we did and help make ourselves and everyone else the best people we can possibly be. We use history as a reference point to help us grow as individuals and as a society. – Brenna

When I think of history I think about a series of past connected together like a story. Part of that story there’s benefits, hurt to and from people. I mean history can go along way and has connections through it all. Even though its history it has such a effect on our present and especially our future. There’s so many twists and turns history can take on to things  -Marissa H.

Personally, I think of lots of things.  I’m pretty sure the first thing that comes to mind is school, and studying the history of the world.  I decided to dig deeper than that- when I think of history I think life.  We all have our history.  It reminds me of our testimony.  If the things that have happened to us, bad or good, never happened imagine who we would be.  We would not be the same person we are today.  OUR history shapes and forms us to be the women/men we are today. -Hannah C.

I think of the past hundreds of years when good things and bad things went on. It reminds us of all the simple things that were done for others, a country, all the bad wars that were fought for, good reasons and bad reasons. It reminds me of people who died for nothing and for something. History shows how to not repeat what was done or how to avoid it. Long story short history to me is a lesson. -Sarah K.


History stories itself is so fascinating. Hearing details about what other lives are about. There’s more than just one life! That blows my mind how there’s life and then there’s lives within that life. Going back to the One Direction video, that video will probably be around for centuries for all the fans to look back upon. Call it a silly boy band or not but these boys, I mean men, went down in history. History was a boat and those guys sunk it like titanic 😉 To make this post even more emotional than it already is I’ve given you guys a few pictures of my history and as of course a couple of songs I think of when I think of my history. I want to know about some of your history too! Comment on my Instagram or on here what things remind you of your history.

Thank you for all my new readers and know I am so thankful and love you all already.. As well as a big thank you to those who participated in this blog, I could not have done it without you!

xo Yasmeen

Upside Down -Jack Johnson

Don’t Know Why -Norah Jones

I Don’t Want to Wait -Paula Cole




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