Being a normal ish 17 year old and homeschooler, you can probably guess I spend a lot of time in my room… Aside from that, I’m one of those people who love to stay in a 2% more than going out so to have a cozy and free feeling room is very important to me. From the pillows on my bed to photographs and books, its all designed and collected by me. I don’t think you can get anymore personal than someone’s room. Every single thing from the little wrappers under the bed to the wall color can tell you about something about someone which is pretty cool I think. So here is a little peek into my room to get to know me a little bit better!

First you have my bed. 3 pillows of course, and is that 1, 4, 6, 8, 9 stuffed animals? Why yes it is. Ever since I was a little girl I’ve always had many stuffed animals. In fact some of them here I’ve had since I was born. And if you read my last post on my Spontaneous Adventure yes that is my life-size Scooby. Its getting a little crowded at this party I think. Fairy lights are a must to every room, its the perfect lighting for at night when you don’t want that big lamp on or is too lazy to get up and turn it off. Plus cute and a little reminder of Christmas through the year! Next I have a string of pinned up postcards. Now this itself is a very cute and easy DIY project for decoration. But these aren’t just any postcards, these are from my great grandfather, Pappa. He traveled all over the world for a living. I have some from Amsterdam, Rome, Washington D.C, Paris, York, London, Germany, and so many more. One of my favorites is the British weather postcard!

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I love watching movies; having them in the background of schoolwork and watching them with friends! So here is my collection and its still growing! My top favorite movies are Dirty Dancing and A Walk to Remember. Both romance movies, yes but great for girls night in. Patrick Swayze and Mandy Moore are some of my favorite actors! I’m also a huge fan of Harry Potter and my collection of the Star Wars is somewhere special. With movies, I love to cuddle up with a big fuzzy blanket, a cup of tea, and believe it or not socks. I have a weird feetish (ha ha ha) of socks. I love getting so many patterns, fuzzy and lace ones, and its to the point where I have a collection. Yes, an actual collection of socks not in a drawer. Another thing I always have when relaxing is my favorite candle burning. Mahogany Teakwood from White Barn a part of Bath and Body Works has been my favorite candle for years now. And if the name isn’t enough to encourage you to find and smell it, a few months ago I discovered a post to what Harry Styles smells like, and sure enough its this Chanel cologne that smells exactly like Mahogany Teakwood. That explains a lot, but how my fellow directioners how??

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As I am a music fanatic and vintage freak, you probably expected me to have a record player and collection. Well yes, I do and here they are! I’ve been collecting records for about 2 years now. My first one was I believe by The Mamas and The Papas. I have a variety of different ones from Mr. Presley to the Beach Boys to James Taylor to The Eagles to Joan Jett. I think it is so cool how Vinyl now has modern music on records now too and everywhere I go I wish I could buy every single one! There’s this place at our local flea market where we have a record shop called Flashback 1969. I’ve been going there for years its to the point where I’m now a regular customer who gets some sweet deals 😉 I also have a generous collection of CD’s and this brings me to the songs that I usually dance around my room to.

Beat of My Drum -Powers

Love is Strange -Mickey and Sylvia (Dirty Dancing soundtrack)

The Right Kind of Wrong -LeAnn Rimes (Coyote Ugly soundtrack)



Finally the place where 80% of my life is, my desk. It seems like a very big desk but I have so much stuff to pack in to it I’m looking for a new one. You can see I have my trusty ol’ jean jacket, many cubbies, pictures, my printer, my crumpled Lush bag, and so much more crap. I’ll start with my books. I started reading when I was 2 and since then books is something I’ll always cherish. I think I’m planning on doing a blog post only on books so lets keep this simple for now… There is one book however I would like to pull out, There You’ll Find Me by Jenny B. Jones. I bought this when I was 13 and was my first sort of romance book that brought me into my love for romance. But it really is so much more! A quick summary is you follow Fin, a recent high school graduate who is getting ready to audition for a music college program. Though ever since her brother died recently she has been struggling with herself and her life in general so she sets out to retrace his steps of his travel journal in Ireland where she hopes to find parts of him and maybe even herself. Though along the way of course she runs into some problems with herself, a handsome vampire actor guy, and an elderly terminally sick woman who seeks forgiveness. I actually found this in the Teen Christian section but don’t let that push you away… because I’ve read this book 13 times that’s how amazing it is! Highly recommend!

I have also along the lines of books a special little book with all my ideas about blogs and baking recipes. And then I also have the book that literally saved my life. As a Junior who is struggling to decide what she wants to go to college for and where to look for colleges, this book of to-do lists for high school I HIGHLY recommend to those who want to be prepared and not die during the pre college process. Because not only are they to-do lists already made for you and your grade but they give you insight to what everything means and is with sources to go to! There should be a party thrown for this book’s existence!!! Speaking of what I want to do with my life, if you’re interested in everything fashion, photography, magazine editing and blogging then the Teen Vogue Handbook is again a book worth a party. I also am a huge fan of Dan & Phil, so I have The Amazing Book Not on Fire and also casually thrown in a Lush catalog.

Also on my desk I have little things like a cup of lipsticks, I tend to wear lipstick often and my two favs is the Rimmel London in #11, a very deep red, and also a rose pink color from Make Up Forever in N9. I also collect buttons, well I call them buttons but a more accurate term is probably pins. I have a pad from Barnes & Noble, Make a Decision. I am the most indecisive person you will ever meet so I will definitely be using this for college decisions and twizzlers or swedish fish situations. You have every little section to think about and write and then of course at the very end “you could always flip a coin for it.” And last but not least, my vintage plug in phone. Yes with a spiral chord even! This is for the serious decision making and oh I’m so lonely and pretty conversations.

I had the best of time making and writing this post I don’t want it to end! If you couldn’t tell already, I am a very sentimental person. Also I would like to disclaim I am not advertising for any of these products I may have specifically talked about, I am not near enough popular for that!

Like always, I usually ask you guys a question at the end of every post. So what are your dancing around the room songs? Could it be Footloose or classic Disney favorites?

Thank you all so much for your reads and comments lately it means so much to me and already I feel like my dream is becoming a reality… If you visit my blog often you probably noticed I’ve been changing my layout, I’m still working my way around customizing so if you have any tips it is much appreciated. B-T-dubs I’ve decided to upload a blog post every Friday so mark your calendars and I’ll see (write?) you in a week!

xo Yasmeen


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