Girls with ringlets, girls with freckles.

Girls with hot chocolate skin, girls with sunset peach.

Gentle girls, fierce girls.

Girls who walk the fashion streets, girls who become lawyers.

Whatever is the same?

Girls who wear basketball shorts and Nikes, girls with mini skirts and ballet flats.

Girls who speak with soft voices, girls whom voices boom to be heard.

Whatever is the same?

One title.

I hate girls.

Girls have so much drama.

You? But you’re so tiny.

That’s the thing with women…

Girls are  labeled one thing. Like cats. There’s just cats. But no. There are cute kittens with white feathered fur, there are fat black cats, Siamese cats. Lion cats, tiger cats, and once too believed two toothed tiger.

Not all girls seek the attention of pretty boys, not all girls love the color pink and everything sparkly. Not all girls are nurses or kindergarten teachers. Not all girls are skinny and frail, not all prefer the cheerleading team than the football team. And then not all wish to be the leader of a movement, not all want to be the queen bee or the one to walk in the 9 inch heels.

All girls are different. Sure, society stereotypes girls as weak and vulnerable. Tells them what their purpose is and who they should be. WE decide our purpose, who we hang out with, our favorite colors, and what we like to wear. OUR PASSION guides us to what we want to be. The magnetic feeling that pulls you toward a star gymnast or a news reporter? Go for it! To be a model or a basketball player? Go for it! Yes, I am a feminist. But thats for another time.. We, as our own person aka a human decides how we act towards those we love and those who we dislike.

Who am I as a human?

I have short brown hair, once long my entire life but I cut it for the sake of the words and memories attached. People said my hair was my trademark. My hazel eyes soon turned emerald green. Sometimes thick and sometimes thin eyelashes and brows because of my trichotillomania. While white is my favorite color, pink is my least. Books, art, music, and walks through the village are pleasing to my soul. I want to be a writer, once before an astronaut, and before that a performer. I love flowers; and Star Wars marathons. An optimist I am, with the confidence everything will be alright. I try to be funny, but it always comes out wrong. Anxiety anxiety anxiety. I am unusally kind and feel others pain. Cheesecake is my favorite desert.

You may come across many girls who are the same, following the same rules. But inside they’re just as different as you are from them. Do not criticize the girls you see in hallway at school who dress revealingly, or batting their lashes at every guy. Let them figure themselves out instead of you taking your judgment upon someone who is learning, just like you.

When I attended public school, I did not have many girl friends. I had no interest in glaring at the people with cancer with them. I couldn’t wear mascara and I certainly did not want to obsess over Hannah Montana. Who could perform Best of Both Worlds better? I wouldn’t know. But because I separated myself from them although my popularity level was low, I was my happiest and truest self. I did not care because I was myself with my best friend writing in our journals and talking about the newest episode of The Saddle Club. Popularity is not worth the sacrifice of yourself. The good feeling of being accepted will last for awhile, maybe even years. But eventually it times that it means most, being yourself is the best thing you can be.


The topic of girls can bring up many different topics themselves. Like here, I try to explain how all girls are different and feeling comfortable in your own skin. There is not one stereotype; and do not let your bad experiences with girls keep you from showing them respect and giving them chances. This goes out to the men out there who were curious enough to read on, you are just the same. Just as different and stereotyped. It is important for us girls, trying to stand up for ourselves, to keep in check that it is not just women criticized. Men have the hobbies and colors they’re not suppose to like either. A guy ballet dancer? One who owns a bakery. One who likes to wear makeup.

My brother once was into knitting. All of a sudden he wanted to start knitting pot holders. The men of the family laughed and was confused. Why? Why they asked. He just shrugged his shoulders and smiled.

This post was inspired by Arden Rose’s more recent video about why she did not have girl friends and along with that self discovery and acceptance. Shortly after Connor Franta made a video inspired by her video as well why he did not have boy friends either. I strongly recommend you to check them out!

And as always I have some songs along the lines of this blog post, enjoy!

Come on, Come out -A Fine Frenzy

Lost Boy -Ruth B

She Used To Be Mine -Sara Bareilles

WHOA ITS A EARLY BOG POST! I know. I know. This was not at all planned. In fact it took every “everything must be in order” part of me to break the every Friday schedule. But its International Women’s Day and this post just so happened to be about women. Not planned. So I hoped you guys enjoyed and sadly there will not be as usual a post this Friday because I will be away celebrating my moms new job with her and my siblings.

Also I know I said this weeks post would be along the lines of Spring but I realized spring doesn’t start till the 21st officially so I think I’m going to hold that off for one more week so I still have some more time to work on it! It will be worth it I promise ❤

My question today is where do you stand as a women or girl?

I love you guys xo



All pictures credited to Tumblr.


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