Hello everyone! I hope you are doing well…

Today I decided I would start a series. Yes, a series of blog posts about one particular subject. It is called Words in Between the Lines. Is that too long of a title? Nah. As someone who absolutely loves to read and have been since a very young age I thought I’d put together a series of blog posts about books that reviews them and elaborate on the meaning of them. Very similar to a book club! How exciting if you’re a reader like me!

I post my normal blog posts every Friday so in addition to that there will be a book post on a separate day. Below I will have some common questions answered if you’re interested in joining or want more information!


Q : What kind of books will you be reviewing?

A : Excellent question! As a 17 year old there will be many in the teen fiction and nonfiction section of the bookstore. More specifically romance, thriller, comedy, poetry, application to life, dystopian, and the classics are all very common book genres that will be reviewed. Lately I have been expanding my reading genres. I find myself hungry for more than just John Green and Cassandra Clare. So expect a wide variety of books and common ones!

Q : Will there be spoilers?

A : I absolutely despise spoilers so much! Anything to do about a characters part in the book or even their motives sets fire. However, I really want to explore what I feel the book’s meaning is and important events are open to discuss. But I also want to have a typical rate this book, what it is about, why do you recommend section. So! I have decided to have two sections of the post. The first section will be the review section. A rate of stars, a summary, and why I recommend this book. And then below there will be a warning of content containing spoilers. So for the readers who have already read the book and would like to join in an open conversation this is available. Wouldn’t that be so neat??

Q : How can I join?

A : Very simple… Just read! Read this series and read the books I recommend. If you’re a curious little one and want to join in the fun big kid conversation at the bottom of the post, read the book! Of course, books can be expensive. What I end up doing when I have days to myself I’ll go to a bookstore, grab a handful of books, and when I mean handful I mean I have 10 books stacked in my arms, and start reading. I am a very fast reader so I tend to get these good 300 page books done in 2-3 days. Or if you don’t have the time to be at the bookstore for the amount of time needed, or if you don’t like the book, you can always return it!


I am so excited to start this series, in fact the first book will be up Tuesday! I hope you join me in this little adventure and if you’re not a reader maybe this will be a new opportunity!

I hope you guys had a wonderful weekend and your exams are going well. I have finished school already and am now studying for the PERT assessment. Tips? Have a great rest of your Sunday and I will see you guys Tuesday!

Yasmeen xo


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