Welcome to the first ever edition of inspiration for the season! Here I will list everything that has me inspired for this Spring from each sense, what I’ve been loving, and looking forward to.

I am in a creative hurricane at the moment! Everything around me is going crazy with inspiration to c r e a t e! All of a sudden my fingers want to write things I’ve never written, my eyes are seeing things to take pictures of I’ve not ever thought of before, my mind is going insane. Every thought is a single star in a cluster galaxy. Or there’s an infinite scribble mess of all different colors and pictures and feelings. And I absolutely LOVE it! I’ve been so inspired this past week I feel as if my heart could explode.



My Gold Pen

Aside from writing with the laptop typing keys I write with pen and paper all the time as well. I plot my ideas down, notes, and ideas. Over time I’ve collected so many pens, pencils, markers, and journals it sometimes gets outta hand. But for the right idea and inspiration comes the right pen. So here I introduce my gold inked pen. Yes. A pen that writes gold. With my horrible handwriting it just makes it instantly more appealing plus is so very pretty and sparkly.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset



Over the past few weeks I’ve been doing a lot of yoga. Something very new! Yoga is so good for you physically and mentally. If you’re someone who is thinking about yoga or even wants to become happy with your body, I highly suggest it! It relieves so much anxiety and stress, at least for me, and instantly makes me happier. I do Yoga with Adrienne  on YouTube. That may sound kind of strange,  but I encourage you to check it out! At the moment I am doing a 30 day yoga camp… it is my most anticipated activity of the day!



The Smells of Spring

Everybody has a favored sense, scent is mine. I love going to the fresh market and smelling all the newly bloomed flowers. Baby breaths are my favorite to get for Spring. In Florida, tiny flowers are blooming everywhere and the scent of mowed grass and yard work to make the suburban neighborhoods pretty. Beach’s are gaining their popularity back and the aroma of sun tan lotion surrounds you.




Lullabies by Lang Leav  is my top book to read this Spring. It is the sequel to Love and Misadventure. The poetry is so refreshing to read with its message behind the writing. Such beautiful inspiration and calming vibes.

Words in Between the Lines

I’m going to take this opportunity to again announce I have made a book club section of this blog. It is called Words in Between the Lines! I review different books and also have open discussions about them! Already we’ve done our first book if you want to check it out!

YouTube Inspo

I am a huge YouTube fan. And typically the only people I subscribed to were beauty gurus but everything is expanding. My creativity and curiosity is bringing me to people I never knew existed. One of my favorites that I have recently discovered is SoSonia. Her creativity in film making and art is absolutely incredible with such happy carefree vibes. Her videos, especially  The Creative Zone, makes you forget about the not so fun parts of the world for awhile.

Spring Go-To’s

I also wanted to share my love for style, fashion, what I wear everyday basis part of sight. Now for everyday, its pretty much my Christmas pajamas. But for the days that I do go out and explore here is what I’ll throw on!

Girly sleeves and lace flowers

’80’s Sporty Girl

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Preppy with a sprinkle of Gold

Fresh Summer Afternoon

*Click on the photo to see where clothing is from*




I have been searching for new music recently! Actually for everything really I’ve been on the search for the new and different. So here is some new tunes I’ve been jamming to!

Chinese New Year -Sales

Recommended by the amazing Mira Bee these tunes are very easy going and acoustic. With words you can’t really understand what they’re saying but you can feel it. Anything by Sales has been the music I listen to when writing.

Love Me -The 1975

I am absolutely loving everything by The 1975 at the moment. Especially they’re new album. Love Me is such a upbeat song. A mood lifter for me definitely.

Holocene -Bon Iver

Another tune to listen to when writing! Bon Iver’s voice is majestic and one of a kind.




I am not a coffee person. I wish I was strangely but maybe one day I’ll learn to love the bitter taste. There are two types I want to share! One, is my Peach Ginger Tea. I’ve been absolutely loving everything peach right now. From the color, to lip balm, to tea. The best is Ginger Peach from The Republic of Tea. It is very nice o have in the evening. In the morning or afternoon I’ll make a simple cup of black tea, two spoons of sugar, and a little bit of milk or half and half.


I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I have enjoyed using and doing all these things! My question to you guys today is do you have any fun plans for Spring break?? Love you all so much

Yasmeen xo



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