Rookie Yearbook Four Edited by Tavi Gevinson

“But I also hope that, by the end of it(taking action), you too will come to feel a kind of unbreakable Bob the Builder determination to fill your brain and space with the things you need.”

Published: October 20th, 2015




This book some may describe as not a real or typical book. But it is exactly that, very real and not typical. But it has so many beautiful stories and inspirations in it. A book is not limited to the fictional section.

Rookie Yearbooks I would describe as simply life. This is life in book form. It is a series of pages through the months of a school year, from June 2014 to May 2015 following the editor Tavi Gevinson. Many girls and some guys write these stories and thoughts on topics along with photography, art, playlists, and DIY projects. Interviews from Lorde to Florence Welch to Hayley Williams and it also comes with amazing stickers. Who doesn’t want stickers???

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This book is everything I look for in life and in myself. One day I hope to make something like this.

Since you can’t really spoil this book I’m going to combine this review and discussion 🙂



Why I Recommend

This book is for anyone looking for life, a reason to love the world but a also a reason to stand up to it. And many raw and inspiring stories. Stories from being a person of darkness, to How to Tell Creepy Dudes to Leave You Alone, to interviews of random people at IHop, and even some poetry. Photographs of girls in their natural habitat, in their true freak self, and nature. DIY projects and room posters are some of my favorite aspects!



Here is a in look into the Yearbook of some of my favorite stories, photographs, and DIY projects.


What is A Boy by Charles Aaron is pure fascination to see what is going on in the mind of a boy. Charles elaborates on sexism and respect to not only girls but guys as well. He writes about rape culture, dating, their actions, and friend zones. Like I said, it is pure fascination and when you’re done reading it you’ll have a entire new perspective and respect!

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Selfie Esteem by Maria Fernanda creates the philosophy that taking selfies is an act of bravery. She elaborates how you expose yourself to other’s opinion and to be able to take one requires self confidence. I can agree to this with my own personal experience.

Up until this year I did not take selfies. Like ever. My excuse was I was the photographer and belonged behind the camera not in front. I felt embarrassed and weird about it, even in private. But this year that changed, I decided I would start taking more. I didn’t know why or if that would make me a person full of myself. But the first selfie I took and posted was on my 17th birthday this year. I didn’t want to hide myself or emotion so I took a picture of myself of what I felt. To my surprise it is my most liked picture on my instagram which I did not expect at all! As likes do, they made me feel good about myself. This is somewhat sad but this year I took up my self confidence a notch and I feel better than I did when I hid myself.

You can see how large this book is! I even have little post its in places where I want to research, or read, or do.

These photographs are some of my favorites.

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Here is a quote about embracing the darkness you have that I fell in love with.

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They even include playlists!!!!


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One of the DIY projects was to make a glitter globe. I found this so neat and absolutely gorgeous! My little sister was soon turning 11 and I thought this was the perfect present!


But I’ve learned that, sometimes, you don’t move on. You move through.


Thank you all for joining me for another book! I am always open to suggestions xo

Also I am getting ready to read Me Before You by Jojo Moyes and I already know I am going to cry and cry and cry… I’ve watched the trailer already over and over and the last time I did that was for The Fault in Our Stars….

You want to know what happened after I went to see tfios?

I came out of the theater sobbing. Still recovering from my first sob out of 6 in the time period of a hour and maybe 45 minutes! Help.

Yasmeen xo


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