My Story


Growing up I was not the most active kid. I wasn’t ever good at riding a bike and I only learned how when my 4 year old brother could ride a two wheeler better than me, his big sister. I was possibly the clumsiest kid you ever would meet! I was that kid who crashed into everything. In result its uncertain as to what the scars on my knees are from 1o years later. They could be birthmarks but I’m pretty sure they’re the wounds of my pride to outdo my brother.

As far as my interest in sports go, there was none. Growing up in Florida I used to love swimming but now, I don’t like the water. What changed I’m not sure?? Other than that, I did ballet and tap for a year just for fun and cheerleading for one year when I was 9. Picked it up again in 6th grade but that’s where it ended. For awhile anyway.

I was your typical teenager who hated gym. Not so much the sweat and hard activeness but that I was never good at anything. I couldn’t play dodge ball or kickball for anything. All it made me feel was the stereotypical ‘stupid girl who couldn’t play sports.’ I loved to watch though. I loved to watch the Superbowl, the guy dodge ball matches and races.

I stopped anything active for a long time. I never liked running or working out but that was because I was so unhealthy and unhappy with my body. Not how I looked, but how I felt. I was a chubby kid, and somehow that chubbiness evened out or went away as I went though puberty but after that I still felt bad. Even though I was always the smallest of everyone in class, but the oldest. Weighing 90 pounds all the way till I was 14 I finally started to grow into my body. I already had the big boobs, and let me tell you it was such a struggle but height and thickness was something I did not have. As a teenager girl there is always something you want or do not want to have.

In my case, I wanted a flatter stomach and thinner thighs. To be taller and to have cheek bones. To have a defined jaw and even eyebrows and lashes. Less frizzy hair and not chewed nails. I struggled with my self image for a long time. It wasn’t until I was 16 that I realized what I truly wanted.

What us teenage girls want really is to not look a certain way but to feel.


My Journey and Steps to Become Healthy & Happy

So I started out small. And like anything that starts out small it turned into a transformation. When I was 15 I started with my nails. I wanted to kick this bad habit in the ass. I googled the crap out of google to find a solution on how to stop biting your nails. I tried everything but nothing worked. So one day I painted my nails and from then on I didn’t touch them once. Because they looked pretty and I didn’t want to ruin something pretty. I highly recommend this to anyone who has the bad habit of biting or picking your nails. Get them cleaned up and paint them a bold color, not black, a bold bright color. You might be surprised what happens ❤

This small thing turned out to be a huge accomplishment! Studies show that habits developed when children you will have them forever. But nope not for me! I am so proud of how far I’ve come I’m not even going to hide it!

Then when I was 16, these little things started to get bigger. I started eating better. Not so much chips, gummies, soda, and ice cream. It took awhile, and a lot of retakes, but eventually I found myself more satisfied when I wasn’t eating these things as much than when I splurged. Replaced those sweets with fruits and whip cream, those chips with pretzels and hummus, that ice cream for Italian ices. Soda for smoothies! Just as satisfying.

To make smoothies:

1 cup of liquid (your choice of milk or juice)

Handful of ice

1 cup Fruit of your choice (I personally like strawberries, mango and pineapple)

And that’s it!


Over the past year I’ve had a really long medical journey. Part of that journey I found out I was borderline anemic. This means my red blood cells do not reproduce as fast as they should, because they do not reproduce as fast I become low on a protein called hemoglobin. This compels oxygen to reach my lungs to the rest of my body so exercising or a lot of activeness can be dangerous.  I also get coldness of hands and feet, shortness of breath, and dizziness. I can’t really afford to loose a lot of blood because already I am lower than usual. With periods it is pure hell.

One thing to make sure I am safe from these effects and make anemia not as serious is great intake of iron. You can take iron supplements, which is recommended, or eat a lot of red meat, beans, dark green veggies, and seeds. This kind of complicates things because I don’t like red meat very much.


Another horrible habit I have is night snacking. I specifically have a basket for emergency snacks. This is really bad guys. Like really bad! To this day I struggle with fighting against these cravings at night. But it’s something I am improving and that’s the important thing!


Drink more water. Something anyone is always trying to improve! They say you need about 8 glasses of water a day. Who has time for that though? To constantly be filling up a glass of water and peeing all day long!?

Tip! Just have a water bottle with you. Fill it with ice and tap water and bring it with you everywhere.

You’ll find yourself reaching for it all the time! This also helps with the eating when unnecessary or over eating problem. Its proven that most of the time when you feel hungry it is actually because you are dehydrated! So having your cute water bottle helps with that and also, drinking a glass of water before every meal helps with the same problem! Did you know that you don’t actually feel full while eating? The feeling of fullness comes after you’ve fully eaten your meal. So when that fullness comes when you’re still eating, you know you’ve already eaten way too much.

I know some people who actually do not like water. Like my mom, she can’t just drink water. So for those of you who are like that or want to even spice it up a bit you can always add sliced fruit, spices, and vegetables to your water! I know my mom adds lemons all the time!

Another perk of drinking water is clearer skin. A couple weeks ago my skin was going insane. I had no idea why, I kept getting so many blackhead and then scabs from the horrible pimps. This was before my water bottle solution, once I started this and brought back my life saver face wash from the puberty years, I’ve never seen my skin better! I can guarantee you water helps SO MUCH. This face wash and mask duo by Neutrogena has been a favorite of many and I highly recommend because its also 5 bucks and lasts awhile. Yay clear skin and pee!


Rise and Shine

Getting up earlier was another small task I wanted to tackle. Since I am homeschooled, in my teenager brain there really is no purpose to get up at 6am!? Getting up at 10am is simply my lifestyle. Lol good try Yasmeen.

I found myself wanting to be more productive during the day and so one morning I practically forced myself to get out of bed at 9:30am. Then 9am. And then 8:30am. That’s as early as I go right now. I’m still improving! But here’s what I found. Whenever I woke up earlier, I was more productive and happier in the day. I’m not sure what this means but when I would get up early I made myself a great breakfast, another thing I am improving, I would find so much more motivation to get schoolwork done, and by noon I would have free time to do whatever I want! I would read a new book, write, search colleges, deep clean my bedroom! It still takes so much for me to get out of bed when I have no motivation or clear purpose for it. But lets just start with one leg out of the cover at a time…



Breakfast is quite possibly my least favorite meal of the day. Partly because I’m not ever hungry in the morning, probably those midnight snacks, and also all breakfast foods made me feel so bloated and greased up. Eggs, bacon, sausage, pancakes were just not cutting it for me so I decide to cut it itself out of my day for awhile. Till I found bagels. And yogurt + fruit. Now I realize the Einstein Bros bagels are probably not the most motivational and healthy foods to eat but it gets me going! I’m constantly trying new breakfast foods so I don’t skip.



Yep, it is time to tackle possibly the biggest task yet. But with all the preparations like I’ve mentioned this just happened to be the most enjoyable. Yep. Me a typical teenager enjoys exercising on a daily basis. I say lets destroy that teen stereotype! In Seventeen mags there would usually be a section of exercises you could do and as exciting as I would be to try these out, they just didn’t work for me. I was bored and probably wasn’t doing them right. Then I found Blogilates on YouTube. Casey is such a motivational person and makes every work out fun and different. You can start out small and work out till your heart contents! There’s videos for everyone from toning to cardio and to specific areas you want to work on but there is one video that pretty much set my motivational rocket for lift off. And it is the Work Outs for People Who Hate Working Out with Ingrid Nielson and Blogilates! If you’re exactly that person who hates working out get into some cute work out clothing and click that video! I swear it will be worth it!

But then after awhile I wanted to try something different, yoga. And it was the best decision ever! I’ve mentioned before in my Spring-spiration post about what I’ve been doing in yoga. Basically I do Yoga with Adrienne on YouTube and first started out with her yoga for beginner video and then this month I’ve been doing the 30 day yoga camp! I absolutely love it so much! It takes 20 to 50 minutes of your day and at first it may seem a lot but as you make time for it and do it daily you really want more! Everyday of the camp it starts off with a matcha like I am Bold or I am Capable. You meditate your mind and body into these matchas and it is so amazing and relaxing but at the same time it wakes you up. It is my dream to gather friends and do one yoga session together because how fun would that be honestly??


Mental Health

Part of being healthy and happy is not just about physical work. In fact its a fraction of your happiness. My mental health is a very important factor in my life so I try to keep it in check a little more than you might, but here are just some ways to work out your mind and soul as well!

  • Write everyday
  • Dance to that song you really like over and over.
  • It’s okay to stay in but its also okay to go out as well.
  • Treat yourself to a nice bath and tea or coffee
  • Light that candle
  • Listen to Love Myself while eating gummy bears


I am nowhere to a perfect human being. A perfect girl with a perfect routine or perfect body. But I don’t let that stop me from doing what I believe in even if it is hard. Let that hardship drive your fuel to motivation! I’ve failed many times. I’ve not been able to keep those minute planks, or skip that Dr. Pepper. I’ve indulged into a good burger and fries every now and then and that’s okay! It is okay to slip up but don’t let that stop you from reaching your goal.


Here are some motivational songs for you ❤

Love Myself – Hailee Steinfeld For when you feel like dancing

Victorious – Panic! At The Disco For when hardcore working out

Shake it Out- Florence + The Machine For when you feel defeated

Gold Star – Dodie Clark and Carrie Fletcher For when you failed


I hope you enjoyed this very motivational post and that you consider it as well! March went by so incredibly fast I can’t believe it… It is now April. We are 4 months out of 12 though the year of 2016. Yesterday my little brother mentioned earlier turned 13. SiGh. I know this was kind of a long post and is one of those that I couldn’t write enough! I tend to do that sometimes haha

Click here for my new book in Word in Between the Lines!


Much love to you all

Yasmeen xo


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