I love adventures so much! I love going to new places and discovering new things. When you’re a blogger, it honestly makes it that much more fun! You get the excitement of being able to bring your adventure to your readers. Now when I know I’m soon going on an adventure I have a few essentials to bring along with me!

  1. A friend

I find having someone by your side to laugh and share the things you discover with all the more enjoyable! Of course I do enjoy going on personal adventures as well, its almost therapeutic.

2. A bag

Now I find myself collecting or buying little trinkets along the way and so it can get a bit concerning storing them in your pockets (if you even have any!) or annoying carrying tiny bags around. Also many of the things I find essential I store in my bag. I have this tote from Francesca’s that says You Must Be Kitten Me Right Meow. It is my all time favorite and I swear it is a conversation starter because everyone either laughs or says to me “are you kitten me right meow??” A smaller backpack is also very convenient for bigger things you may want to store or bring along. I have this one from H&M. It’s not really sheep fur! Very much fake and was once very soft.

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3. A notebook and pens

Adventures is one thing I do to get inspiration! From places to people anything can spark an idea and if I don’t write it down it will very much leave my mind! Of course you can always use your memo in your phone but I personally like writing them down! As for pens, I keep at least 3 in my bag because you never know which one you’ll need. And yes, there is a difference.

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4. Phone and ear buds

For the most part I try to stay off any social media while adventuring because its a bit distracting! But if I ever come to a little café or field to lay out I plug in my ear buds and play some music. Also a little snapchat doesn’t hurt… 😉

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5. A drink

Either its a Starbucks, tea, or water bottle its always nice to have a drink on hand!

6. Jean jacket

Especially on those slightly cooler days do I always bring along my jean jacket with pins and patches. Either its over my shoulders, around my waist, or stuffed in my bag. By the way, if any of you make and sell patches I’d be more than happy to take a look at them!

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7. Lip and hand products

Always always always do I keep these things on me every where I go. I have my eos hand lotion, hand sanitizer, my go to lip balm, Burts Bees, my go to lipstick, Make Up Forever in N9.

8. Wallet

Typical wallet with some cash, ID, Barnes’a’Noble card, Dunkin Donuts card, bath store punch cards… you know the essentials.

9. Sunglasses

Sunglasses are a must! Yet since I was little I’ve always had this habit of losing them. They’re not a hard thing to lose you would think but no! I have no idea where they go. I remember one Christmas day my mom had bought me a pair and a cute case from Justice. Well at the end of the unwrappingness I had already lost them and to this day I still don’t know where they went!

10. A comfortable but cute outfit

I love fashion and I always feel like a professional blogger when I put effort into what I wear when I go out. But you never know what events or activities you might find so I find to always wear something comfortable and think that I can add something later on to switch from day to night!

11. A book

Everywhere I go I bring a book with me. Whether its for the car ride, a café, or laying out in a field its always nice to relax and dig yourself into a good book!

12. Camera

This is one of my must needs! You never know what will catch your eye and yes you can use your phone but I prefer my Samsung digital 🙂 However sometimes I do enjoy just enjoying a beautiful sight without recording it.

13. An adventurous attitude

Without a doubt this is the most important. Whether you feel great and full of courage that day or you’re doing not so great its important to keep an open mind. An open mind to all the possibilities that day and live in that moment.


I hope you enjoyed this quick little post! I recently burned my fingers on my right hand and I am right handed so this makes things a little difficult and limits my fingers to type LOL. What are some of your adventure essentials?


Adventure Grooves

Chinese New Year – Sales

New Romantics – Taylor Swift

Perth – Beirut


New Book in Words in Between The Lines – If I Stay by Gayle Forman

Much love to you all xo




6 thoughts on “A Bloggers Essentials to an Adventure

      1. Usually it’s whatever I happen to be reading at the time. (Last month I was re-reading Les Miserables…that was rough. My back hurt and my purse literally disintegrated from the weight…) I haven’t read Just One Day. Presumably, you would recommend it since it’s your go-to bring along book. 🙂 I’ll have to look into it!


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