Every so often I get bored of binge watching my go-to series on Netflix. When this happen it is basically like “now what?” What else is out there other than The Vampire Diaries and Friends? Well, I guess a whole universe. So here are some unpopular movie goodies I found during my binge break!


If I Had Wings

This movie follows Brad, a troubled youth who is on his last string before jail. The deal was if he helped Alex, a blind 16 year old who dreams of becoming a great cross country runner at his high school’s track team, he would not go to jail. While the unlikely pair face bullies, forgiveness, and salvation.

This movie is purely honestly great. The storyline is different and interesting. I really admire Alex’s character and dreams the unlikely for his condition. The transformation of the two is really nice to see and to also have the perspective of a blind teenager is really fascinating. Highly recommend if you’re looking for something different!



The Boy in The Striped Pyjamas

Taking place during the holocaust in World War II, a 8 year old Bruno and his family relocate near a concentration camp where his father is the commandant. As Bruno becomes unhappy and lonely he adventures out towards the fence that separates him and a Jewish boy of his age, Shmuel. The two begin a forbidden friendship oblivious to the nature of their surroundings.

This movie is more so known as a book that was published in 2006. I never read the book or even had a faint idea to what I was about to get myself into with this movie. This reminds me of the time when I was 11 and read Where The Red Fern Grows having no idea what was to happen. It was the first book I ever cried for. As for this movie, it is utterly heartbreaking. I think this is possibly the saddest movie I’ve ever seen to the point I will not watch it again. Don’t get me wrong, it is an absolutely amazing movie! One of the best I’ve seen, but so so sad. The father of Bruno is played by David Thewlis aka Remus Lupin from Harry Potter which I quite liked as a Harry Potter fan…




Originally a short story written by Ron Carlson, you follow Natalie who feels she has everything figured out but really everything is wrong. Partnered with Keith as a chemistry lab partner, she easily becomes annoyed at his troubled personality. Natalie soon learns her true feelings for her future and discovers Keith has a secret of his own.

First, Keith is played by Jesse McCartney. Do NOT let that fool you or trun your feelings towards this movie negatively because I think he is honestly such a better actor than his once singing career. This movie is just so compelling and there is scenes where you have no idea what could happen, Keith is so unpredictable. Another tear jerker definitely.



Tiger Eyes

Originally written by Judy Blume and published in ____. You follow Davey, a teenage girl dealing with the sudden death of her father. Her mother, collapsing with drugs decides to move in with Davey’s Aunt and Uncle in New Mexico. Given a new life with new reputations and secrets Davey feels lost in her own life. Meeting Wolf, a Native American, to help her adventure finding what her life is again.

I have never actually read anything by Judy Blume! Surprising really. But thanks to this adaption I will. Better late than never! I find it different how Davey becomes attracted to Wolf. I’ve never really read or seen anything with a Native American boy. A good change from the stereotypical! I feel this film is quite honest with these situations of a intermediate family death as well.




Ballet 422

This is a documentary about a new upcoming ballet choreographer Justin Peck as he creates and dances the New York City’s Ballet 422nd piece.

It’s very interesting looking behind the scenes of something so gorgeous and complex. It gets to say ugly and even more complex. From stage light colors, sets, music, costumes, and dance it is a insane process. To see someone as young as Justin creating and taking part in the ballet is impressive. If you love documentaries, ballet, or is just very bored give this movie a chance!




If any of you lovely people have seen any of these please tell me what you thought! Also I am not in any way a movie critic, these are just my honest opinions 🙂 ALSOOOOO This week  2 posts will be uploaded (2!!!!!!!)  My other is a Witty Interview of me in 73 Q’s so if you’re interested in getting to know me better than my neighbor, keep a look out for that one on Friday!

I hope you have a great Wednesday night, I am now out to socialize with other human beings.

Yasmeen xo


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