Imagine, if you woke up one day with your record collection and the genre concept didn’t exist? The purity of that experience, listening to music, without those rules, is a blissful idea. – Matt Healy, The 1975


I spend a great deal of my time these days with music; dancing, singing, imagining. You can take it up with the neighbors how smooth my moves are and my pitches on key.






But if you asked me what kind of music I liked, I wouldn’t be able to tell you because there is not a particular type. Sure there are songs I like more than others but the genre itself I cannot ever commit myself to. I love folk-pop, the soothing sounds and poetic verses speak to me more than hip hop. But I can get down to Gwen Stefani as much as Bach or High School Musical. This is what I look like while writing for you guys.


Though I wondered the other day who’s ingenious idea was it to combine instruments to make one sound of different sounds? Who thought these guitar chords are great but with the background of the bass and piano and drums, it could be magical. Music. Music is one of those things people connect to. There is not a limited definition to music. Because to every artist, every listener, every critique it is different.

People listen to music to encourage themselves to do one more rep of push ups, to cry it out a little longer, dedication to their lover, to praise their higher power, or to feel happy and motivate their bodies to move, dance.


And somewhere in this musical world there came categories of what kind of music belonged in a category. Genre.


Metal, Punk, Jazz, Classical, Pop, Rock, Classic Rock, R’n’B, Hip Hop, Electro, Dubstep, and an infinite amount of others. Who decided loud guitar riffs were called Rock? And anything with a saxophone was Jazz? Songs about love, dancing, drugs, and the modern world was Pop. The way people pronounced their words would become Rap.


And in time, as society shaped it’s rules, if you liked Taylor Swift, you were an obsessive 11 year old girl. But if you liked Bach, you were simply misunderstood. As society does, it manipulated people into thinking to be ashamed or afraid to like an artist or genre of music. I remember one day I asked a guy “what kind of music do you like?” and ultimately he felt ashamed and he said “nothing important.” Of course I pressed on to know what kind of music touched his soul. It was dubstep. My response was “oh” because dubstep has that reputation.


I wish anyone could listen to anything they wanted without judgment. The same with everything else including gender, clothing, interests. But I realize as time goes on, more and more people have come to forget genre and accept that whatever anyone listens to, it is of their enjoyment. Every artist nowadays, isn’t of trying to stay within a guideline but expressing how they feel through lyrics and sounds of instruments. That, is music.

There is one part in The Fault in Our Stars book/movie that no one I think quite understood because Mr. Van Houtten was well, a jackass. But a very clever jackass. He asks Hazel and Augustus this:

Have you ever heard Bomfalleralla by Alfasi & Filthy? They say no and he requests his assistant to play it. As it starts out comes hip hop gibberish. Hazel and Augustance look to each other in confusion and tell him they don’t speak Swedish. Van Houtten replies well who the hell speaks Swedish? It is not of what they’re saying but feeling.

Music appeals to people because these 3 minute creations say of what they feel and can never speak. They help people feel hope, adrenaline, anger, sadness, and my personal favorite, revival.

Genre is dead. Genre does not matter. If they don’t like rock that’s fine, they probably don’t like some foods you do like. Differences are nothing to be afraid of. Don’t let it consume you.


What are some songs you love because of how it makes you feel? What are some artists you’re ashamed to say you like? Here are some of mine:

So Allowed- Beirut

Electric Love – BORNS

Daylight – Matt and Kim

Chinese New Year – Sales

I know this is a bit different from what I normally write but I really would love to start writing about things like this more! What do you think? And I apologize for the amount of HSM references I have in here.

Again I have decided to upload 2 blog posts this Friday. The other is about my first experience on a motorcycle…  it was very exciting! Check it out here 😉

Yasmeen xo


3 thoughts on “Genre is Dead

  1. Hi, I saw your post on the Community Pool! First of all, I’m really happy that you like Beirut and Matt & Kim. Second of all, keep writing about what you love! I could easily tell how much you love music as a whole by this post alone. Can’t wait to read more! 🙂

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  2. I love all types of music too. I love to dance, so anything with a beat gets my attention, especially with bass. I love easy listening, as well as Gregorian chants. I’m all over the place. I even like music from my beloved mother’s generation. Ever heard of Kaye Starr??? I’m the lady who hears music in the airport, the grocery, and the mall stores, and dances right where I stand. Music puts you in a happy place. I love being happy!!!


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