I stood in front of my body length mirror trying to keep calm. My palms were getting sweaty and I could hear my heart. Am I really going to do this? Asks the shy timid part of myself. Yes. The other part of me whispers craving to know what it feels like. I pull my Bullhead charcoal jeans over my shaky legs, and pull over my jean jacket with my phone and earbuds in hand. With my black ankle boots and hair pulled back in a low bun, I look like I belong to do this.

“You ready?” He asks me. I nod and make my way to the door pulling my sunglasses over my face.

Already I start my playlist of “Let me be free” songs and plug in my ear buds. In the inside pocket my phone goes.Unsure of what leg to lift first I lift the right and swing it over the high leather seat. Placing my hands on his shoulders I take a breath as the motor growls. Here I go.

Electric Love by BORNS starts playing and I feel the electricity within me as we speed down the road. The wind against my face forces me to smile, but I don’t need any help with that. Immediately I want to let go and lift my arms out to feel like I’m flying. But I don’t. I laugh and smile as I feel incredible. 

Don’t let this fade. Don’t let this fade. I tell myself over and over again. We pass by people on the sidewalk walking their dogs. Why the hell would you do that when you could feel this? Why do anything when you could feel like this? I close my eyes for a bit. Let the wind push against my face, the thought of looking ridiculous crosses my mind; but I let it fade because this feels too good.

This Must Be My Dream by The 1975 comes on next. I turn up the volume a little bit more so I can seclude myself in the moment. I don’t start observing how the outside looks untill now. I could almost touch the white strips on the road. The trees aren’t faded in color from the windowed cars. The sun bright against us giving a sillouhette. Everything is so much closer. Personal.

I feel us getting closer to home. I don’t want it to end. Just a bit longer. 

I decide it is a necessity my dream boyfriend to have a motorcycle. Not because of the bad boy image but because I want to feel this with him whenever we want.

“It’s a wonderful way to see the world.” He says as we make our way up to my front door. I imagine it. The roads of California or Greece or Rome. The water and buildings flying by with the scent imprinted into your pores.


Number 27 on my bucketlist is to travel the world on motorcycle.

Just one ride. Just one ride and I am hooked.


2 thoughts on “It’s a Wonderful Way to See The World

  1. I love motorcycles as well. The longer distance, the better. The one thing I must be mindful of however, is falling asleep. The air shuts me down most times. However, I do remember being atop a motorcycle in the great state of Michigan. No sleeping then, cause the trees smelled so good, I felt like I was communing with them. Oh yes, if you can travel abroad and hop on a motorcycle (usually more like a scooter over there in city limits), you will have memories forever. Be helmet safe. Enjoy!


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