Ever since I can remember, it was always my mom and I. If I remember correctly, my first memory was me dressed in Oshkosh dark blue overalls, a flowered yellow shirt and my auburn red curly hair walking our local mall with a pretzel and frozen lemonade with my mom. Not much has changed except we’ve got 3 more little ones apart of the gang xo

So many people refer to their mom or dad as their hero but my mom to me, I wouldn’t say is my hero. She didn’t save me, metaphorically she would be in the same burning building with me. We work together to get through our obstacles.

My mom is my best friend. Always have been. From grocery store trips, to secret lunches, to watching The Devil Wears Prada over and over, work gossip, sharing clothes, and those times where we run into her ex boyfriends is the best entertainment I could ask for. We have 4 gym memberships and it’s because we’re too lazy we spend a unnecessary $100 per month. My mom and I are 20 years apart. Having a close-ish age difference is the best thing ever! Because on some level we both give advice to each other, opinions on the other guy, and to back each other up with excuses to not go out. And sometimes I’ll even be playing the mother and telling her 3 bags of Dove chocolate, chips & salsa, 2 liters of root beer, plus all the expired food in the cabinets too high to reach is probably enough. The year we turn 20 and 40, we’ve decided to do something crazy! Suggestions?

Of course there are times when we don’t see eye to eye or I get upset that she won’t let me wear the crop top and heels.

There are even multiple times where we get mistaken for sisters. She is forever my Victoria Secret partner, the one I drag to the movies when I have no one, after all who else could I go watch the premiere of High School Musical 3 with? She doesn’t exactly help much with Algebra 1, or to tell me where to go with my life, or who to love (we believe she can’t tell me who to not love and I can’t tell her), but she understands when I need a mental health day, shopping trip, or time alone.

So for this Mother’s day I really wanted to make it special. I always say to her, out of everything she’s had to do and been through, she deserves so much more than just a day kindly dedicated to her.

Mother’s Day morning I woke up extra early and made the ultimate pancake feast. Homemade pancakes. fresh fruit, Smuckers strawberry syrup, extra creamy whip cream, daisies, coffee, and OJ in a cute glass vase. Probably the best breakfast we’ve ever had, sure beats the poptarts.

That afternoon we went to Disney Springs! This is a Disney themed outside mall with entertainment, lakes, and food in Orlando. And it’s completely free to go! My all time favorite place guys… We went into the bath shop Basin and bought some bath bombs and bath salts, Ghirardelli for some free mini chocolates, ate at the Wolfgang Puck at the Chef’s table, took so many pictures by the lake, went into the sweet shops, and had all around such a good time. I think we agreed it ranked as the best Mother’s Day ever.


There is many people I’ve met where they have no relationship with their mom at all. In some cases, it is not your decision. Whether she is deceased, hospitalized, military service, or she has no desire for a relationship. But then there are those of you specifically who don’t because you may be so annoyed with her all the time, you can’t relate, or you simply don’t respect her. I feel very sorry for all of these people. I think the relationship between a daughter/son and their mom is one of the most beautiful amazing things in the world. I have no idea where I would be in life without her nor can I imagine my life without a relationship with my mom. There is all of these good things I write about but of course there is always disagreements, hard feelings, crying sessions, and times where everyone is just in a bad mood.

But never, can I imagine myself without her.



Fun fact: All my life I’ve had super long hair! It wasn’t until I turned 16 that I chopped a flopping 14 inches off… maybe one day I’ll write about why 😉 For Mothers day I really wanted to dedicate a post to her. I had so much fun taking pictures at Disney Springs and some of these are from a few years back! I also would like to apologize that I’ve been gone a bit longer than a week… although I have so many things I would like to write about sometimes its hard to get them out in the way I want them. Though I do plan another blog post to be posted this Friday, like usual.

Love you all bunches xo




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