Hello everybodyyy!! I know I have not been around for awhile but I finally feel like I can write again! I went away originally because I knew what I wanted to write about but I couldn’t get the right words out.. But I’ve been reading a lot of new books lately so yay for those of you who love to read and discuss with me me! So without further ado…

You can’t just sit there and put everybody’s lives ahead of yours and think that counts as love. You just can’t. You have to do things.”

The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky

Published: February 1st, 1999

Nominations: The nominations are endless…

Film Adaption: 2012 Trailer

Genre: Epistolary novel



This beautiful raw novel is about a 15 year old boy going into high school with new friends, thoughts, and habits. He write to us in letter telling us his thoughts about the drama, drugs, sex, first dates, problems at home, and all around growing up. Charlie is not a simple boy. He is special filled with curiosity and kindness, yet his first cigarette can only seem that simple.



Why I Recommend

Books like these, I hate having to write a simple summary to what its about. Just read it. No summary can ever sum up how this book will make you feel. The feeling of being able to relate is taken to a whole other level of purity, and raw honesty. The way the story works is Charlie writes letters to “friend.” This makes everything so much better, I love hearing Charlie’s honest thoughts and conclusions. It’s purely real and I think thats why I love it so much.

Charlie himself is such a interesting charcater to read about. He’s 15 and learning all about these wonderful things that go on in high school, and he’s such a special guy. He’s potrayed to have this unknown mental illness. My heart feels as if it is squeezed all the way through the book. In this case, reading as if you were a sponge. you soak up so much you overflow with thoughts and feelings.



For those of you who have not read and don’t want to spoil yourselves because you plan to read it yourself, this is where I leave you. For those of you who are ready to discuss this book with me lets head on over!!



At the end of this book there was discussion questions!! Which made me so happy.. Lets answer a few together and bring up some of our favorite parts.

  1. Discuss the epistolary format of the book. Why do you think Chbosky chose to use letters as his narrative structure? How did this affect the book and your reading experience?

Personally I found the letters, especially in the sense of growing up, so much more personal. I felt I knew everything that had to be known, I loved knoing Charlie’s thoughts and feelings even when he thought they were useless.To hear every event how he saw it through his mind was so honest.

2. Who do you think Charlie was writing to?

On a certian level, I can relate to this question. I write to that “friend” as well. i dont particulary say whom I am writing to, but I imagine someone is listening. Maybe it is my soul, subconcious?

3. Who did you identify with most? Do you see parts of yourself in any one specific character?

I identify myself as a mixture of Charlie and Sam. Charlie because of his purity, thoughts and curiosity. Sam because as she is older, her maturity and the lesson she teaches Charlie at the end I feel is something I would do.

4. Who is Charlie’s greatest ally? Who is his worst influence?

I don’t think there is a worst influence, if there was it’d simply be high school and all that comes along with it. I feel like as first loves and Sam all around is such a good person. She taught Charlie to want what he wants and to deny what he doesn’t. To be his own person. High school teachs of many things, but do not become of it.

5. Do you agree with Charlie that in order to be “good,” creative works must make you feel differently? How did you feel after reading The Perks of Being a Wallflower?

Everybody has their different tastes and experiences. For something to be “good” I feel it is because it has applied to a spot in their life that has been left unfinished or to bring new ideas or philosophies.

After I read this book, it almost is like a slap in the face. It almost mkes you think, why would someone want to read something as pointless as just a love story revolving around sex when you could read this story that actually means something? I take the lesson Sam teaches to Charlie by heart. The quote I quoted in the beginning of this post I can apply to a part of my life. Like Charlie, we care too much. We sacrifice ourselves for those we love. And then we get hurt because we accept the love we think we deserve.


Yasmeen xo



3 thoughts on “The Perks of Being a Wallflower | Words in Between the Lines

  1. I love that quote “we accept the love we think we deserve”. I also love the poem Chops which was cut out of the film version. Is it in the book?

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