The first morning of Summer is dimly lit and quiet. In the middle of the woods you can only expect darkness and tree shadows against the blinds of a late morning light. I reach to grab shorts and a soft blanket throw to cover my blanket creased arms and for the sake of audiences.

I make a cup of English breakfast tea with cream so sweet I can’t help but think it led this day. 3 toasted bagels later I wake up the little ones. I sit at the bar with the warm cup pressed against my face with the constant tea mustache. One joins me and we sit in quiet with tousled hair and stare out into the woods as the acoustic morning playlist would play.


Acoustic Morning Playlist

Heartbeats – Jose Gonzalez

Photograph – Ed Sheeran

Home – Philp Philps

Ho Hey – The Lumineers

Ophelia – The Lumineers

Waiting on The World to Change – John Mayer, Ben Harper


Something changed, like a new direction of the wind, and I knew this was a moment as we talked of her silly cat dreams.

I think of memories again for the second time these past 24 hours. I decided I needed to capture more, to write and snapshots of moments like this. I didn’t want to forget these things as I was apparently reaching an end of time.

As the late morning went on I brought out the record player and choose Lynyrd Skynyrd from One More For The Road. Immediately I put on Free Bird and more memories came that made me start to dance.


Few years back, at a close friends house on a Summer night with friends of friends of friends we sat on a porch on hay stacks with drinks and guitars. I was so lucky to sit next to one with a guitar. Song requests flooded in till the request of Free Bird came in and he played it while everyone smiled and danced along. I didn’t realize this was a moment at the time, my mind and eyes were so attached to him I couldn’t think of nothing else.

I awoke form the memory and realized how times were so different with people I haven’t seen in months and a feeling so calm and happy in such a carefree way. Cherish the mornings and moments that are simple and without ease. Leave them be, some moments don’t need anything added to them.



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