Hello everyone and welcome to my July Favorites!! I have some very exciting things to share with you so lets get started…


Disclaimer: I am in no way sponsoring or advertising these products; I simply enjoy them and wish to help a friend out 😉


YouTube + Apps

  • Drunk Disney by Practical Folk

I am a huge fan of YouTube and could go on forever about many different channels however one I have particularly liked this month is Practical Folk. They have multiple different series that go on but the one I will be talking about is Drunk Disney. Yes. Basically each episode the 3 main channel people choose a Disney movie and then they invite a guest. While watching the movie with their comments and hilarity they take smaller shots to drink to something which is chosen by the guest or Twitter. It sounds very interesting and odd I know, but trust me.


  • Headspace

This app is magical. I swear to it! Basically its a free app that you listen to with an instructor for a 10 minute session. This session you sit down and listen to and do as it tells you to do like breathing exercises and thinking and by the time you open your eyes… wow. The app is free to download and you are automatically given something called 10 for 10. 10 starter sessions that are each 10 minutes and if you want to continue or have more you can buy more but I easily just listen to the 10 for 10 over and over.

I listen to this right before I go to sleep to clear my head of the day and to actually relax. It helps so much I cannot recommend this enough.



  • The Smiths

I have also been loving The Smiths… Such incredibly good music. It’s very difficult to explain their genre… its an 80’s band that is kind of indie meets rock pop? Not sure. I’m always so confused on how to describe music. A lot of their songs are quite depressing which is not a bad thing at all but if you’re an upbeat pop person, not for you. My personal favorite is There Is A Light That Never Goes Out. I just love this song so much because it automatically sets me into that looking-out-into-the-city music video mood.


  • We Are Infinite Spotify playlist

This is a personally made Spotify playlist that I have been listening to so much. It consists of Tom O’dell, Oh Wonder, The Smiths, Birdy, Ryan Adams, even some Arctic Monkeys which is unusual for me. I find myself reaching for this for all car rides, beach trips and dance sessions!

My Spotify – yasmeennoelle


Food + Drinks

  • Strawberry Acai Refresher

As someone who does not like coffee I struggle to find drinks at Starbucks enjoyable. I’ve tried teas, hand crafted sodas (which they don’t sell anymore THANKS) and cream based drinks. I do love tea but I don’t really want a hot drink on a 102 degree day and cream based milks are good and I will get a caramel and toffee frap every so often but I’m really not a fan of milk. And then, the strawberry acai came into the picture. I love this SO much. I’m not exactly sure what it is but it has caffeine and fruit, score. Plus for a tall its only 80 calories! I’m not really one to be counting for calories but that seems a lot better than 300 amiright?



  • Urban Decay Lounge Eyeshadow

I received this in my June Ipsy bag and after trying it for a few weeks I can say it is magical. I honestly do not understand how it works. To ease your confusion, this eyeshadow looks like a metallic charcoal color with a teal tint. DO NOT BE DECIEVED. Because this color goes on a rustic red pink with a tint of charcoal teal. I don’t understand but it is beautiful, applies amazing and is perfect for a Summer night out glam look.

Price $$

Buy here


  • PINK Sun kissed Body Spray

As it is Summer I want to smell and breathe Summer right? Well this will do it. Its amazing to me how accurate scents can be and with this one, with coconut water and sunny vanilla my mind instantly thinks of Summer and the beach.

Price $$

Buy here



  • Maxi Skirts

Never thought this would be a favorite but maxi skirts are the ultimate Summer piece I think. Easily a crop top and a skirt can be a day or evening outfit. I’ve been wearing this black and white striped with a slit by American Eagle.

Price $$

Buy here



  • Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur

I absolutely love poetry. Lang Leav and Rupi Kaur of course are some of my favorites and this month I was able to read Milk and Honey. It is such a raw honest beautiful piece of work. I found myself crying through many parts and could relate so much to some of the poems it was as if I wrote them. I will probably do a book review on it very soon!!

Rate: 5/5 stars

Buy Here


Not as many things as last month but that’s okay because I spent a good amount of time of July in the lovely Peru! I do plan on writing about it soon and honestly there is so much to say though I don’t know if I’ll be able to find the words to describe! Wish me luck and I’ll see you guys soon xo







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