During the Summer of 2016 much has changed. Including myself. In a way I feel like everything known to be familiar and the way it should be was turned upside down and unknown. We had to move unexpectedly and find a house within 2 days, my mom had to find a new job, I had to figure out what I wanted to do with my life, I reunited with a lost lover, I took on new responsibilities and realizations this was my last Summer as a child. But one thing I did this Summer in the midst of all the chaos was go on a plane. To a different country.

Yes, in the midst of all this horrible but needed change I said goodbye and boarded a 6 hour plane ride, in which I realized I really don’t like though the view makes it worth it. There was many purposes for this trip. I have a bucket list and #3 Get on a plane, #4 Go overseas, #5 Work in an orphanage were all checked off. Though much  more was accomplished. I admit this trip was not an escape from my troubles. The trip challenged myself emotionally, mentally and physically. One week of homesickness, a much needed breakdown, sleep deprivation, memories I’ll hold forever, new amigos, adventures, new food and sights, acoustic sessions and even one Starbucks later I had the adventure of a lifetime. So enjoy this little diary of descriptions as to how my days felt and were like for a whole xo


Day 1

Day of Departure

The day of departure months of a calm conscience finally broke through to reality; goodbyes to my two sisters and brother as if they were children of my own; Find yourself along the way echoed in my mind from my mother’s goodbye letter; 8 stranger teenage stowaways packed in van with the excitement and wanders of another country; a lonely 6 hour plane ride; the first step into a foreign country; confusion and foreignism came in waves of shock; huts of abandonment with life just as yours; millions of lights high and low placed upon acers of home; a picture of the sky came to mind because every house was different; not one color the same.

Few hours of slumber; bakery goods and fruit; a neon blue van named Charlie; smells of exhaust, farmland, ocean, industry; stray dogs were the new squirrels; blondes girls were 1 in a million; sticky white rice and chicken of all flavors; bubblegum soda pop; never was one millisecond of quiet; a constant sound of taxi cars; a clouded mist of the morning; a burning red sun in the evening; youth explosion in the skate park; football matches and skateboards were the new; 5000 years old ruins; messages made of rocks; rice pudding like Christmas in a bowl; mind to pen to paper sessions.


Day 3

Day of breakdown

Overslept anxiety; Buenos dias; a loss of communication; the build up; songs of worship in a foreign language; salt and light; comfort hugs; new relationships; singing in the street; family meal; laughs and bonding beyond language barrier; the first wave of I will miss this; live in the moment reminders; cactus trees; graffiti art; post war neighborhoods; the mission to dirty white converse; water bottle flip tournaments; face painting practice.


Day 4

A Day in The Life of an Orphan

a favored passion fruit juice; liquid yogurt; bakery goods; orphanage arrival; little worn face jumping into arms; Noah and the Arc skits; ball games; neon green paint; Coldplay tunes; blessed new shoes; why are you blonde questions; face paintings of hearts, stars and rainbows; strawberry gelato; ninja in the park; catcalls; skate park fun; soccer games; youth night; testimonies.


Day 6

The Best Day

a road trip through the farmland; strawberry fields; fresh smells; dirt paths; a beauty at the end of the path; billions of pebble rock in place of sand; surrounded by cliffs and blue skies; warmth and pacific ocean mist; a blue indescribable; sparkles rolling with the waves of the sun; a baptism; picnic lunches; acoustic sessions; Ed Sheeran tunes; bathing in the sun; surfing in 60 degree water; beautiful views with beautiful people; the plaza with Peruvian life; more acoustic tunes; exploration of a catholic cathedral; steep stone stairs; sacred hymns; goodbyes.


Day 7

Modern Cultural City + Home

Lima; scary bus rides along cliffs; views of infinite water; city life and traffic; ancient craft buildings; thefts; sandwiches; brick paths; purple chichi drinks; red bus tour; suicide rock; 90 years of Independence; archaeology museum; falling in love; Indian market; few hours of slumber; 4:15am; 8am flight back home; tears of joy; sickness and depression; I miss my amigos.


I’ve written explanations over and over again trying to find the perfect words to keep my memories safe and to share with all of you… but it is next to impossible.  Of course pictures speak a thousand words so over on My Photography page you will find pictures! Sorry for the delay of blog posts I’ve been recovering and celebrating xo



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