Well,  hey guys!

As Autumn is quickly coming up, one of my most favorite times of the year, we are all transitioning into Autumn habits. Bringing out the boots and scarves, the pumpkins and fairy lights, the beginning of research as to what to be for Halloween, much candy and baking and then of course it wouldn’t hurt to reread the Harry Potter series right? Right. But also… it is September 1st. And as every potterhead knows it is back to Hogwarts day! I wanted to do something special so then I thought there is so many controversies, theories and questions that every potterhead is curious to know… so as one potterhead to another here is a little Q&A for you xo

Before I start I should also disclaim that all opinions are my own so be nice… and also there may be a few spoilers if you haven’t read or seen the Harry Potter series (not including cursed child, there will be nothing about it here (at least not yet)).


  • Which Hogwarts and Ilvermorny house are you in; did you think it would be different?

I am a Hufflepuff (originally thought to be Ravenclaw) and Thunderbird (originally thought to be so)… I am honestly completely happy with both of my houses 😉



  • What is your wand made of?

My wand is made of Ebony wood with a Unicorn hair core 9 1/2 inches with a slightly yielding flexibility. Funnily enough, before I was named Yasmeen it was going to be Ebony!


  • What is your patronus?

From the research and quizzes I’ve taken… either a fox or otter.


  • What personal items would you bring with you to Hogwarts?

Lots of pictures of my family and muggle friends back home, my record player and vinyl’s and my pillow.


  • What do you think Hogwarts smells like?

I absolutely love this question… But I think it would smell like Thanksgiving dinners, parcel and trees.


  • Who is your favorite and least favorite character and why?

My favorite character is Sirius because of many many reasons… One, he is just so funny, witty, and smart. Gotta love him. He has been through so much as a person he just has my  ultimate salute. And also I feel like he is like Harry’s saving grace. It breaks my heart to even think as to what future Harry and Sirius would of had if he hadn’t died.

My least favorite character is probably… Umbridge. Lets just leave it at that.


  • Which character are you most alike?

I feel I am most like Luna. I love the vibes she gives off and during more the later movies you find she is so strong yet just keeps moving forward with such grace and kindness.



  • Thoughts on Draco and Snape?

Draco I have a very weird opinion I feel like. I don’t hate him but I wouldn’t say I like him either. This is because I don’t believe he is evil at all… In fact I feel without the influence of his dad, the pressure to be this almighty great wizard, a young death eater, Voldemort’s influence, he would be an alright character… Obviously he has some issues and is a bully to Harry and to everyone really but again I feel much of this is because of what he has to deal with.

Snape I go back and forth with. He has my pity as to losing the love of his life and also being bullied so much by James. But, he was an adult and adults should be able to deal more with past issues than to take it out on kids. The whole reveal of Snape and his death of course I was very sad. And to some extent I honor his character but… there is still some “eh” feelings.


  • Would you be able to see thestrols?

To be able to see a thestrol you have seen death, so yes I would be able to.


  • What would be your boggart?

Honestly I have no idea… Probably myself. Or spiders. I hate spiders.


  • Favorite Quote?

My favorite quote is actually by Sirius…

“We’ve all got both light and dark inside us. What matters is the part we choose to act on. That’s who we really are.”

I just think that is so true and so important. I love it so much.


  • Would you rather be in a quiditch game with Ron and Harry or study and gossip in the library with Hermione and Ginny?

Definitely study and gossip in the library with Hermione and Ginny.


  • What would your amortentia smell like?

The amortentia is a potion that smells as to what attracts you the most… So I’d say mine smells of like a husky scent like one you would find in the Flannel or Mahogany Teakwood Bath and Body Works candle and lavender.


That’s all the questions I have for today 🙂 I hope you all enjoyed this little something. Feel free to answer any of these questions in the comments! I’m so curious to see any of your answers…

Yasmeen xo



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