Its all been a strange dream that I’ve still not awaken. We met in the most strange circumstance. I finally understand the stories where if you go back in time you must not change one tiny thing or everything will be put off balance. Because if one tiny change were to be made, we would have missed each other. If I had never gone to Peru; if you would have never went out on a limb; if I had never said hello first; if you had never left your hometown of 17 years from across the world; if I had given up.

I met you in my hometown. A small but decent size city with beaches and cafes. Out of 7 billion people and all the places in the world, we met in the place I’d never expect.

Where was I the day before? I was always closed up in a room, no windows or doors. But you found the one tiny crack to seep through. But I wasn’t alarmed. I simply welcomed you and took pleasure that someone was here. Friendly hazel eyes and dark hair didn’t scare me. You are the one person I never knew I wanted or needed. Without a second thought I immediately accepted the possible treacherous chance this could turn into.

I don’t know how you felt but I felt a strange urge to talk to you that night. To get to know you better. Maybe it was the luring hazel eyes and “I’m from a far away land” curiosity but I was determined to not let you go without a word. And now a month later I find myself dreaming more dreams within another. Dreams of travelling far away places with you. The loneliest café in the city of love, renaissance art in museums of Florence, the cheer filled islands off the coast of Italy, the most random cliff. All an adventure I’d be willing to take in a heartbeat without so much as a guarded heart. Here I am, I throw myself into you with no sense of judgement or thought, simply take me as I am and lets run.

But wait.

There is graduation. There is jobs to be found. A car to be bought with money we don’t have, insurance to apply for. College and studies, career paths to decide. For a moment I let my heart fall but then I realize it would be my pleasure to have this adventure with you too. No matter where we are or what we are doing I’d be just as happy to be by your side as I would be by the Eiffel Tower. It is all but a mere dream but I’d take that step no matter how daring to do it with you.

I wake up, it is sunny, 7 classes a day, a phone call and you are still here.

I wake up, it is raining, hot tea, wet paint and you are still here.

I wake up, secret getaways, rushed blood, salty kisses and you are still here.


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