If you could read my mind, you wouldn’t be smiling.




Every Last Word by Tamara Ireland Stone

Published: June 16th, 2015

Genre: Young Adult Fiction



Sam McAllister is a sophomore in high school with Purely-Obsessional OCD. To Sam, this makes her have spirals of dark thoughts, obsession with the number 3, and anxiety attacks. With her very own Shrink-Sue and medication we follow Sam as she tries to figure out why she’s not so comfortable with her best friends known as the “crazy eights” anymore. Maybe it’s because they have no idea about her OCD or are disapproving of her new hair. All Sam wants to be is “normal” and Summer Sam, who swims everyday with her swim team. On the first day of school, Sam meets Caroline who introduces her to Poet’s Corner which in her words, “will change her life.” This stunning story leads you through what it is like to live with OCD and what words can really do for a mind who is constantly thinking.


5 out of 5 stars! One of my favorite books!

Why I Recommend

I was spontaneously picked up this book at the library because it had been on my To-Read list for a long time. Oh, I am so glad I did! In general, it is very interesting reading a first-person point of view who has OCD. If you’re worried it may be romanticized or is not an accurate representation of the mental illness, I can assure you it is not. Someone very close to me is diagnosed with OCD and I kept him/her updated through the whole book. They were very surprised at how accurate and relatable it was! Aside from this, Sam is such a good character and what she goes through as an average high-schooler with a cliché is relieving and reassuring. There is also a great deal of poetry in this book which I absolutely loved and am inspired to try! I love reading it but never quite attempted writing. Romance does have it’s part of course in this novel but not much. Although I loved it so much! I found myself gushing at the two characters.

Scroll down for the discussion if you have also read this book 🙂


This is just a tiny part of the book but at the start of every chapter there are three words that describe the chapter! Just like Sam does with her playlists…

Some of my favorite parts of this book were the scenes in Poet’s Corner. I loved getting a personal glimpse into each of the teenager’s lives. Some were heartbreaking, funny, and love-struck. I’d like to imagine myself apart of that group… I really wish there was a group I could join! Hmm, maybe I could start one…

I’m going to include my favorite poem in the book here too 😉 Sam wrote this for Caroline.

I like it when you’re here.

Everything is quiet.


                So silent, I almost fell sane.

You take my mind off my mind.


      Just one more page.


A couple things on the relationship between AJ and Sam. It was cute, SO CUTE. I found myself gushing and hoping through many scenes but then I thought about how much Sam hurt AJ? Becoming friends, that’s great and I understand but then a relationship? I’m not quite sure I can understand where AJ is coming from here. What are your thoughts?

Tell me what you think! Any thoughts? Favorites? Something that struck out to you?


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