Well, hello guys.

My name is Yasmeen and I’m having an existential crisis. But fear not, this is a good thing because now I get to write about it and complain to my readers. Now sit back and laugh about how much of a mess I am or cry with me!

  1. Lets start with something happy – I bought these adorable cat socks and old lady loafers! If you know me well, everything cat and old lady is something that has my name on it.
  2.  The ever changing decision of going to prom OR somewhere so fun my jaw hurts from smiling so much and my stomach feels like I’ve done 200 sit ups from laughing. Prom. Dancing. *ha ha* and the miserable dress shopping. Not to mention it’s incredibly expensive! But,  cliché high school memories is something you look back on and I won’t get to do that. But prom is just prom, there are far better things in life than prom. I would much rather go to Universal Studios but again, so expensive.
  3. I’ve recently started going to this young-adult 20 somethings church service Sunday nights called Mezzanine. I love it so much. But someone please talk to me. I promise I don’t bite. I’m actually super friendly and will buy you coffee.
  4. It’s not fun being denied by every job opportunity. I didn’t get a job at Chick-fil-A! I mean, how is that? I am also very limited to a small town and because I don’t have my license YET I can’t exactly drive a couple towns over.
  5. Speaking of my license… I’m so close to receiving it,  I can just fEEL it.
  6. Someone please buy me Almost Adulting by Arden Rose because I am so broke. Oh, but how did you buy those shoes and cat socks? Thanks mom… I mean, come on. Priorities, am I right? But I need this book to tell me what to do.
  7. I want to be a cool blogger with my own brand name and come out with a line of beauty and skin-care products, but how does one do that exactly?
  8. I really have no idea what I want to do for my life. Career wise, I want to write but not about how the world is ending and politics. I want to write to people about the world, the upcoming, inspire girls and all people. Be an advocate and inspirational speaker. I take such a fascination in nutrition and health for teens and young adults too. What is a major for all of this?
  9. Am I even THAT cool?
  10. Why must I kill every plant I touch?
  11. La La Land.
  12. My skin has gone to shit, someone, anyone help ME.
  13. Self-care is so hard… I’m so busy with my studies that I ignore eating, getting out bed, seeing daylight. Yeah, I told you I’m a mess.
  14. Combine anxiety, depression, and constant worry. *explodes*
  15. I feel so stuck. I see point B, C, D, E, and so on but I can’t move although I want to so bad.
  16. If I want to be a writer… why am I not writing everyday?
  17. I wish I could see my boyfriend everyday. But I can’t.
  18. And he’s moving away! While I must stay here and receive my AA at a not-so-great school while my best friends are at the school of my dreams. #UCF
  19. I’m so excited for growing up. I really am. I cannot wait to live on my own, have responsibilities, work, and go to college. But getting there… is so incredibly hard. Especially when you feel like a mouse in a cage of elephants. But the elephants aren’t afraid of you. They couldn’t care less.
  20. Oh, graduating from public school is hard? PLEase, graduating from homeschool and making sure you are on time every single moment, and then you find out your school is not an official school of record, so no high school diploma. Just a weird certificate thingy your parent creates.
  21. I walked 7 miles at the beach in 3 hours and my body has never hurt so much. Not to mention the worst sunburns of my life. THIS is why I stay inside. But yay, exercise, I guess.
  22. I just want sunflowers, a constant flow of creativity, and clear skin.

So that’s my existential crisis. But life is good. My La La Land vinyl is how I make it through the day. Yogurt with granola and fruit is pretty good; I’m trying to cut back on bread a bit #RIPpeanutbuttertoast. Soap & Glory now sells in Target! TVD Season 8 is on Netflix this month! I am prepared to cry my heart out. Short hair is pretty great and my best friend is coming to live in the same state as me! Talk soon xoxo

Yasmeen Noelle


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