Welcome back everyone! Today I bring to you my first Girlgaze project. I am still so thrilled to be apart of this amazing outreach to girls. So, in honor of March being the month to highlight women, the challenge was to take a portrait of a woman who inspires me and write about them. Many woman came to mind… there are so many and hopefully one day I can share them all with you! But the woman I chose is none other than my mother. When I look at her, all I see is pure beautiful strength. Growing up, it was always my mom and I; from every Friday ice cream trips to now people watching at the beach.

She’s my best friend and I say to her all the time, I wish I could put you in my pocket like Jiminy Cricket and take you around the world with me. Since I’ve been eighteen, I have more freedom than ever to make my own decisions. But as amazing as this sounds, more than ever do I wish she could just tell me what the right thing to do is! Decision making is so hard for me, and somehow she always makes the right ones. When I live by myself, I can definitely see myself calling her at the end of everyday asking her opinion on insurance companies and what that weird sound is coming from my living room.

I’ve been told my many that my mom is some badass superhero because she can do just about anything. She can bake and cook just about anything, gives the best advice and comfort, be a single mother to four kids, carry a couch and Christmas tree up 2 flights of stairs, and so much more. I can’t tell you the amount of times I’ve had breakdowns in public and she helps me through. She encourages me when I need to be encouraged or lets me sleep in her room when there’s a thunderstorm. Some of the most precious memories I will always hold between us are simply the nights of re-watching The Wedding Planner, the “just because” socks and notes I find on my bed, and spontaneous night drives.

So, to make this even better I’ve asked her a few questions…

  1. What has been a life changing experience?

I lost both parents at the age of 28. My mother passed away due to a drug overdose and six weeks prior I lost my dad due to a liver failure. Life without parents takes on a new meaning. There really is a sense of being alone no matter what your age. Learning to adapt without parents continues to be a life changing experience.

  1. Who are your inspirations?

Single moms that do not allow themselves to become another statistic.

  1. If you could tell your 18 year old self one thing, what would it be?

 Make decisions based on not having any regrets and understand that people are not responsible for your happiness.


Yasmeen xo


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