You’re going to be just fine. Go take on the world confidently. I’m not exactly sure why I should be telling you how to be less of a couch potato, as that’s nearly my job, but hey. You’re probably missing out on some great adventures in the real world. Even if you get heart palpitations when you see a parking structure.




Almost Adulting: All You Need to Know to Get it Together (sort of) by Arden Rose

Published: March 28th, 2017

Genre: Young Adult Nonfiction


In this young adult guidance novel, Arden Rose talks through the emotions of becoming an adult through personal experiences, humor, lists, and a narrative to how to become somewhat responsible and successful. Arden gives light humorous advice in becoming an adult with responsibilities such as grocery shopping on your own, college, work, cleaning, dating, sex, and health.


Can this be 100 out of 5 stars?

Why I Recommend:

As I am 18 years old and fresh high school graduate, there was a definite need and want of this book. I have been following Arden Rose on YouTube for a couple years now and as ultimately become an inspiration for me. One particular reason is because in the book she discusses her OCD disorder Trichotillomania. She is the only other person I know who has this disorder. Anyway, the book is very powerful to say the least. Somehow Arden keeps the heavy and serious talks light and humorous, but still as the reader you learn and are motivated that you can do this. This book is personally very therapeutic. I will read it when I feel stressed or overwhelmed (because it is a smaller novel). In general, I’ve always been excited about “growing up.” Despite all the stress and anxiety, this book is your chill pill.

I will not include a discussion part on this review like I normally do, but please feel free to comment your thoughts or questions 😉

Much love, Yasmeen




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