Welcome back to my monthly favorites! I received so much nice feedback on this new series so thank you! I’m so happy you guys are enjoying this just as much as I. May has been such a good month for me. My boyfriend graduated, I went to prom, I’ve been working on new projects, I bought new books and pens! It’s been a good one. How has been your month? I would love to know!



  • Netflix TV Series – Girlboss – TV MA

I watched this series at the beginning of this month and immediately I knew it would be apart of my May favorites! Girlboss is a loose telling of the how the founder, Sophia Amoruso, of Nasty Gal became to be an online vintage fashion store. The series follows Sophia through many job firings, the beginning of her Ebay store, and the hardships she faced as a young business woman. Sophia’s character alone in the series is independent, witty, and determined. To me, she is the ultimate inspiration for young women making their way into adulthood and business. Not to mention the AMAZING soundtrack!


  • Gold Dangly Earrings – Target

For prom this month I knew I wanted to find a pair of long gold earrings to go with my rose gold dress. However, I’ve never been one to wear jewelry. A pair of special studs and chokers is about as far as it goes. But these earring are just so fun! You can wear them with basically everything and get away with it flawlessly. Best decision ever. $7.99 at Target ladies.

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  • Black/White Striped Wide Leg Pants – Doe & Rae

I actually found these pants at TJ Max whilst looking for a dress to wear to my loves graduation. In the long run, I ended up adventuring out and wearing these with a nice body suit, loafers, and surprise, the gold earrings. Not only are these pants super cute and comfy, but it is a piece you can dress up and down. I plan to take these with me to Ocean City for a stroll on the boardwalk and to Washington D.C for a stroll through the Smithsonian.

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If you always struggle with finding a candle for the transition between Spring and Summer, this one is a good idea! Still a tad floral but with a fresh summery scent…Perfect.

  • One Step Camellia Cleansing Oil – Tatcha

This cleansing face oil is absolutely amazing! Pour a little bit of this on your hands and smooth all over your face to gently take off all your make-up. Not only does this product smell amazing but it is gentle for all skin types but takes away even the water proof make-up away.



  • Coconut Hibiscus Sea Salt Scrub

Another TJ Max find! I bought so much skin scare from there because it’s cheaper and there’s a large selection. Take that advice to the heart. I almost labeled this product into my Smell category, but it is a sea salt scrub. This product I will definitely be using through the Summer because the exfoliating qualities from the sea salt enriched with coconut oil will be so healthy for my skin. Not to mention the coconut and hibiscus scent that puts you in the Summer mood!



  • Haribo Peaches Gummi Candy

I’m not one for candy but these are just to die for. I love peach flavored food and drinks so I knew I needed to try these. Definitely a yummy treat!



This month’s playlist consists of The Beach Boys, an unhealthy amount of Harry Styles, The Wild One by the very wild Suzi Quatro, Tom Rosenthal, Malibu by Miley Cyrus and more!

On a side note, I never thought I would play a new Miley Cyrus song on replay but yes please, play it on repeat everyday! Also, The Wild One is apart of the Girlboss Netflix series soundtrack I briefly mentioned earlier and will give you a good idea into Sophia Amoruso’s character. Finally, thank you Harry Styles for challenging the music industry.


  • Podcasts (Rookie & Crash on My Couch)

Recently I’ve been giving the interesting podcasts a try and I have to say that I love it! Fortunately, both of these podcats are free to listen to on ITunes. I simply could not choose between these two podcasts as a favorite so I’ve included both!

The Rookie podcast is hosted by Tavi Gevinson, editor of the Rookie Yearbook magazine. Which consists of artwork designed by teenagers from all over the world! If you’re interested in what exactly Rookie is, I did a book review of one of the four Rookie Yearbooks here. The podcast includes an interview with a special guest varying between the president of Planned Parenthood, Cecile Richards, and actress Winona Ryder! Also including advice and how-to segments; It truly is the best community.

The Crash on My Couch takes a slightly different turn. Hosted by the lovely authors and YouTubers Will Darbyshire and Arden Rose, this podcast is more humorous and informative in a very cool entertaining way. Segments such as “Conspiracy Theories” and “That’s a Job?” along with advice into adulthood keeps you laughing and smiling for hours! Highly recommend!


I would love to know what your May favorites are, so comment below! Until next time…

Much love,




  • Check out my self-portraits for Self-Discovery month as part of my next Girlgaze project here


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