To all of my lovely readers,

Month after month since June my writing was set on the back burner and was forgotten. At first, it was not intentional. I placed the pot full of chicken noodle soup on the back burner to cool down, and as the time went on the soup began to get cold. But I didn’t have the motivation or want to reheat it again. So in time, the soup continued to sit there and become smelly and moldy. To make matters worse, I didn’t feel like dumping out that disgusting mess knowing how bad it would smell going down the drain. But finally, today, I craved some warm soup. I threw it away and began again with the additional grilled cheese.

In other words, I’m back! However, today I’m starting with just a little letter to you to get this ball rolling down the hill. I feel like it would be nice to update you on how and what I’ve been doing. I’ll admit, these past few months were not a retreat in paradise. I was not exploring and hunting for inspiration in new fun places. Instead I was lurking around in a dark empty cobwebbed corner. I was working many hours at my job with the hope of saving up for a car and also an Autumnal shopping spree. Which I have already begun and will surely do a look book as a future blog post!

In my personal life, My relationship has been going very well. We hit our 1 year anniversary and couldn’t be happier. Well, maybe. He currently resides an hour away at his own dream university pursuing the Navy. An hour away is no biggie right? It could definitely be worse. However, we both do not own cars and are very reliant on our parents for transportation. Both our parents are very kind and generous helping out whenever they can. The longest we went without seeing each other I believe was a month, and boy was it hard. I began to sink pretty low. It’s also so hard to create a balance with college and your partner. There is such a fine line between what is healthy for your relationship and what is selfish.

I briefly mentioned before I fell off the face of the earth that I travelled to Washington D.C, Pennsylvania, and Maryland for 10 days at the end of July! It was such an amazing trip. We visited all of the Smithsonian museums in 2 days and stayed in Ocean City, MD for 4 days. The museums were such a fun experience but I do wish we could have ventured out into the normal D.C city life. However, my favorite museum was most definitely the National Gallery of Art. I saw amazing pieces from Van Gogh and Da Vinci, but Monet was my all time favorite.

Reading was another thing that was put on the back burner for awhile, but I have been trying to get back into it. And I’m so proud for how far I’ve come! I have read Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks, The Sun and Her Flowers by Rupi Kaur, Unfiltered by Lily Collins, and I have begun reading We All Looked Up by Tommy Wallach. Impressive right?! Ever since I was little I’ve truly had a passion for reading and it feels so good to be back in it. I’ve also invested a large portion of myself into self-care. I purchased an aromatherapy diffuser for my room and a few skin care products. I believe these couple things are the most important investments!

I also invested into the amazing Student Hulu + Premium Spotify package for $4.99 a month for a year. I’m pretty sure I didn’t NEED access to all 22 seasons of America’s Next Top Model, but what can I say? I also became apart of the club and watched The Handmaid’s Tale. Oooh man, This was so hard for me to watch. Such a brutal and emotionally disturbing show but it’s no wonder it robbed the Emmy’s.

I am also so proud to say I got a new job! I now officially work at Target on the sales floor in Beauty. I can’t even express my excitement and even cried when telling my boyfriend the news. Getting a new job was very important to me, it was a huge part of taking care of myself as well as putting off college until Spring. There are many reasons that went into this decision but in good news, I passed my placement exam! This is an absolute total relief and surprise. I received the minimum score for math and I just couldn’t believe it! Another huge weight off my shoulders.

I suppose I have been quite busy with so much on my plate and now that I have been taking care of these things I feel like I can make time now for the one thing that I am working toward. I already have so many ideas for you that I cannot wait to share. I also have a brunch date with the lovely founder of Deeply Rooted Woman soon. And so, this is where I’m going to end this. I am so happy to be back and I can only hope you can welcome me back with open arms and listen to all I have to share with you in the future. From one hot mess to another; we’re in this together. As always…


Much Love,

Yasmeen xo



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