Our greatest triumphs in life don’t come without having to navigate both the ups and the downs. -Lily Collins




Unfiltered: No Shame, No Regrets, Just Me by Lily Collins

Published: March 7, 2017

Genre: Biography



Actress Lily Collins (Okja, To the Bone, Love Rosie) talks through a series of life events and people who have majorly impacted her life. In which she writes in an unfiltered way in being honest about her reactions and feelings to these events. Lily brings such a light to sharing our emotional stories and how important it is to communicate through our experiences. As a young woman, after reading the inspiring biography I was left with a breath of fresh air that I was not alone and there were women who were willing to share and bond over the life changing experiences.



5/5 stars!


Why I Recommend

For starters, Lily Collins has been one of my favorite actresses from her films Mirror Mirror (2012) to To the Bone (2017). Every movie she has appeared in has always given such a good message, not to mention she is GORGEOUS and eyebrow goals. So naturally when I heard she was publishing a biography I was so excited! I will admit, I read this book in two sittings. It was that good! Also, it is quite an easy read. I know a good handful of people who are interested in reading but cannot force themselves to take the time to sit down and divulge into a good book. Well, this would be an amazing book to start off with in that sense.

The book itself dives deep into very personal events and experiences that took place in Lily’s life. The main reason she wanted to publish a work that would make her so vulnerable she says:

Sometimes it takes revisiting our past to prepare for our future. I know this has always sounded incredibly cheesy to me, but it’s true now more than ever: I’m not getting any younger, and the sooner I accept my story for all that it is, and let go of the shame, regrets, and fear surrounding my experiences, the sooner I can just live, love, and be loved.

Lily also brings such an amazing message about being honest and true between your family and friends, hence unfiltered. Not only did she open my eyes but she opened my heart to stop pretending all that you may be going through and lean on and give support to others in their triumphs and trials. Her way of thinking is exactly what I wish for this blog to be. Unfiltered. I believe we all can learn a little thing or two about living our best life.

Before I close out this post, if you like me are on a budget and do not have the money to purchases $20+ for a hardback book. So here’s a tip, scavenge Amazon! It’s where I bought mine for $11 flat and no additional shipping costs. Good luck scavenging!

Much love,




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