Happy Holidays and 1st of December friends! I cannot wait to share with you everything I’ve been loving this past month… There’s been such an amazing variety of new things. But first, how was your Thanksgiving? Do you celebrate it like we do here in America? This year, my family and I stayed home and invited a bunch of our friends over. There were so many leftovers including stuffing and desserts, it lasted a week in my family of six! Of course, I wouldn’t dare miss the Macy’s 91st Thanksgiving Parade as it is one of my favorite parts of Thanksgiving. The broadway performances such as Anastasia and Dear Evan Hansen I loved so much!

N E W  A D D I T I O N S

As I was gathering all of my favorites this month and placing them in their categories I realized there were a couple categories missing: mind and soul. These aspects of our human being is just as important as any sense yo our body. Taking care of and appreciation for our mind and soul is quite important in my every day life, so I couldn’t imagine this series without these new categories.


All of the products that I mention and rave about in this post are not sponsored! I simply love each and every one of these and wish to share them with you.




As someone who has lived and dealt with anxiety my entire life, I’m always trying to find sources and ways to gain knowledge and remedies for it. The first episode of this new podcast (as cheesy as the name sounds) I will from now on recommend to every single person I know who deals with anxiety. Lily begins by talking about her experiences and thoughts on anxiety and then tells us 10 ways to relieve it. It was convincing enough for me to start working out… and that’s saying something!





This month I began watching the first season of Riverdale on Netflix and let me tell you, I am SHOOK. Even though in the beginning I thought the acting was quite poor, but as the episodes went on it definitely began to get better.  Besides, I couldn’t stop watching… There were/are way too many plot twists that I need answers to. Also, Cole Sprouse, why you gotta mess with my feelings like you do??? In short without any spoilers, this mystery teen drama is to die for. Literally.

I’m speechless as to how I can express my love for this series and new season. Simply put, do yourself a favor and jump on this strange ’80s wagon! In all honesty, I am quite surprised I like this series as much as I do because I’m not a fan of jump scares or science fiction. But the characters pull you in and the ’80s vibes are so pleasing and fitting. Never say never I suppose. I will only say one thing about the second season; my favorite addition to the series are the new founded relationships between all of the characters. What are your thoughts?

Age of Adaline follows a 29 year old woman, Adaline, who got in a car crash and has stopped aging forever for nearly eight decades. Then she meets a man who begins challenging her solitude and rules of living forever. The concept of embracing and letting go of life in this movie gripped my soul so hard. It is also featured on Hulu.

Anni, amori, e bicchieri di vino, no che contato mai. Years, lovers, and glasses of wine. These are things that should never be counted. 



Notes of toasted marshmallow, smoldering woods, fire roasted vanilla, and crystallized amber. This Autumn there has been many amazing candles but this classic has been my go-to!



  • Go-To Outfit

White Long Sleeved Blouse (Thrifted – Alternate ASOS)

Black Denim skirt (ASOS)

Black Mules (Target)

Bumblebee Cross Body bag (Target)


As someone with naturally oily skin, finding a highlighter that is not too creamy or glowy is a struggle. But thanks to Ipsy I was sent this highlighter in the most gorgeous shade and gives me the perfect glow!



For taste this month, this was my favorite Thanksgiving dish this year! Creamy cinnamon and sugar potatoes with toasted marshmallows on top? Yes please.



This month I have discovered many new songs and artists and I’m afraid Taylor Swift’s new music has officially grown on me #noshame . My November playlist features The Velvet Underground, LANY, Carla Thomas, Khalid, Billie Eilish, and more! Now cue the Christmas music!





This creative magazine based in Australia has easily become a favorite this month! Inside you’ll find design, art, photography, fashion, travel, music, craft, home, and life. In a nutshell, this magazine is what I would love my career to be as an editor. I’m so happy to be able to gain so much inspiration and motivation from this issue.

Email Newsletters are almost like a digital magazine sent directly to your inbox for free! Girlboss is a platform created by Sophia Amoruso who presents interviews, how-tos, tips, advice in every are of how to be absolute Girl Boss. Topics include money management, jobs, interview tips, horoscopes, the latest fashion and beauty trends, and even more. Girls Night In is a brand and community created for the girls who say screw it to going out and take comfort and enjoyment in staying in. GNI also brings many fun sources including a book club right to your inbox! I thoroughly enjoy receiving their newsletter every Friday.


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