Yasmeen Noelle is an eighteen year old lifestyle blogger who currently resides in Central Florida. She has a love for books, tea, vintage treasures, and flea market scavenging. Yasmeen is currently apart of the Girlgaze project as an ambassador. Girlgaze is a network and opportunity for female artists in photography creativity. Although Yasmeen spends her time writing either in her bedroom or Cocoa villages, she hopes to one day to travel the world with her writing. Her wishes for her blog are to be a place of inspiration and support for girls and women around the world. Continue reading below for a personal letter from Yasmeen.


Dear Friend,

Thank you for taking the time to come across here. As you explore my writings you’ll see I write about everything from lifestyle, book reviews, stories from real people, advice about adulting, and adventures. I hope one day for this blog to grow to become a home for girls and women around the world to come to for peace, advice, and support!  I am always open to receive new ideas and partnerships with my fellow creative-tees ❤ Below are my social media where you can contact me and also a Q&A of me to find out more of who I am!

Much Love, Yasmeen


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6 thoughts on “About Me

  1. You sound like you are enjoying life where you are right now, with plans to expand as you continue learning and growing. Florida is a wonderful place to live. Hopefully, you are getting some motorcycle time, and wave running is sorta like riding on a motorcycle; except there’s waves. Whoopee!

    Highest and Best to you. May your dreams come true. Imagine they will, and they may automagically appear!!!


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