During the Summer of 2016 much has changed. Including myself. In a way I feel like everything known to be familiar and the way it should be was turned upside down and unknown. We had to move unexpectedly and find a house within 2 days, my mom had to find a new job, … Continue reading Peru


Mother’s Day

Ever since I can remember,Β itΒ was always my mom and I. If I remember correctly, my first memory was me dressed in Oshkosh dark blue overalls, a flowered yellow shirt and my auburn red curly hair walking our local mall with a pretzel and frozen lemonade with my mom. Not much has changed except we've got … Continue reading Mother’s Day

Spontaneous Adventure

There I was, on my way to Cocoa Village with my family when I received a phone call from my long distance best friend. "Is there any way you could go to Universal with us this weekend?" She asked with a held breath. Quickly I glanced over to my mom with a jumble of words … Continue reading Spontaneous Adventure